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Jet Fuel
Jet Fuel
Jet Fuel
Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel

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On your mark, get set, go. Get ready to blast off with Jet Fuel.

Jet Fuel is an action-packed Sativa-dominant Hybrid. Once you’ve taken your first couple of puffs, you’ll know exactly how it got the name.

303 seeds from Denver crossed the High Country Diesel and Aspen OG strains. The result, a pungent flower that takes no prisoners.



Also referred to as G6, Jet Fuel is as pungent of a Sativa as you’ll find. Hence the name for its gassy and diesel flavour. On top of the flavour, you’d discover pumping at your local gas station, G6 features citrus and peppery flavour profile. It’s a unique combination that only a lover of cannabis could like.

Like any pungent and gassy flavoured strain, the smell is similar. If you’re trying to be a low-key smoker, this isn’t the strain for that. Even a small amount smoked fills the entire room.


Jet Fuel Effects + Benefits

While the name pays homage to the flavour profile, Jet Fuel earns its stripes from the high. Its cerebral effects are like launching yourself in one of Tesla’s rocket ships. Blink too many times, and you may miss the journey.

The mental effects might be a little intense for beginners, but used in small amounts is okay. G6 fills the mind with a psychedelic atmosphere with its invigorating euphoria. Imagination peaks as the high escalate, with deep thoughts in regards to the tough questions of life. All aspiring philosophers need to try this strain.

But don’t worry if you’re not a philosopher or consider yourself the “creative” type, Jet Fuel is excellent for playing video games, studying, board games or knitting with your great aunt Patty. Whatever the event may be, if it benefits from increased attention and affection, Jet Fuel is your strain.

Jet Fuel is a socially lubricating strain. Many users like to use it when hosting dinner parties and events, interacting with large crowds and meeting new people. In layman’s terms, it eases anxiety.

Once the mental stimulation plateaus, the physical effects come to play. The body stone isn’t over the top, but it relaxes with mild sedation. A couch-lock doesn’t exist in the Jet Fuel world.

Jet Fuel also reduces symptoms of depression, leaving the user in a state of euphoria. Previously mentioned rushes of energy also eliminate stubborn cases of fatigue.

Along with the mental benefits, it’s high THC content fades chronic pain, thus making it a great strain from daytime medication.

Jet Fuel is a ball of sunshine. Brighten up a dull day, or make a great one even better with the flick of a lighter.


Flavours: Pungent, Sweet, Diesel

Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy, Energetic , Uplifted

Medical Benefits: Stress, Pain, Depression, Headaches, Fatigue
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