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Love Potion #9
Love Potion #9
Love Potion #9
Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9

$22.00 Category: Hybrid

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When there’s love in the air, Love Potion #9 isn’t far behind. 

Love Potion #9 is more than a romantics strain, it’s a peaceful escape. 

Bred by unknown growers, Love Potion #9 is an Indica-dominant Hybrid cross between Northern Lights #5 and Love Potion #5

It’s a shame the breeders remained anonymous because we’re sure there are more than a handful of couples that owe them a big thanks.



Love Potion #9 gets a bad wrap for not being much of a looker. Those same people most likely think beauty is only skin deep. 

LP #9 is a pleasant, light green hue, and covered in golden-brown hairs. Buds are densely packed with a healthy layer of trichomes.

Love Potion is a unique strain in the flavour and aroma departments. The strain boasts a potent fragrance of cheese and fruit, with an earthy bow wrapping it all up.

Users note a hint of spice when smoking from a joint or bong.

Love Potion #9 Effects + Benefits
From the get-go, Love Potion Number 9 hits harder than your first heartbreak. The high rushes from the skull down to your toes, releasing a rush of sedation, euphoria and sensual energy.

LP #9 produces a prototypical couch-lock, but most will find they’re bed-locked instead…

Aphrodisiacs are a dime a dozen. From oysters to essential oils, it feels like every day there’s a new surefire way to increase libido. 

While there is validity in some of the options, they pale in comparison to the sexually stimulating energy of LP #9

Passion replaces melancholy and mediocre. All while exploring the depths of your relationship comes second nature. It’s the trust-building exercise you’ll never find in a counsellor’s office.

Set the table, bring out a glass of your favourite red and let the stars light the night sky, it’s time to feel the Love Potion #9.

Up to 16-18% THC


Flavours: Sweet, Honey, Flowery

Effects: Happy, Energetic, Euphoric, Uplifted, Aroused

Medical Uses: Depression, Stress, Pain, Lack of Appetite, Fatigue
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