Why a Vape Pen Should Be Your Go To Cannabis Product

Vape pens continue to be a significant part of the growing cannabis market, despite recent health scares surrounding vapes — specifically, black market THC vapes. As the legal cannabis market matures, the negatives of vaping are likely to be minimized by the controlled legal industry.

Slim and compact, no lingering odors, potent and tasty — there are many things to love about cannabis vape pens, making them popular among both beginners and experienced consumers. Here are just a few reasons why cannabis consumers are turning to vape pens as their cannabis products of choice.

Convenient, Discreet, and Portable

Often considered the next evolution of cannabis products, many cannabis consumers choose cannabis oil vapes because they are simple to operate and can be used almost anywhere without drawing attention to yourself.

Cannabis vapes are incredibly easy to use, especially when using disposable vape cartridges. These prefilled cartridges are simply screwed onto a rechargeable battery that can be purchased at most dispensaries and smoke shops.

Considered single use, once these cartridges are emptied, they can be thrown away. Unfortunately, that means these prefilled cannabis oil cartridges create a lot of waste, something the cannabis industry is aware of. Some responsible vape brands and dispensaries are partnering to collect and recycle used vape cartridges to help cut down on cost and waste.

Much of the smell caused by using marijuana comes from burning the dried flower. When using a prefilled vape pen, the cannabis oil is heated to its vaporization point, creating a vapor that can be inhaled. This means that there is no smoke and no lingering smells.

Depending on the brand you choose, the odor of the vapor may or may not have a natural cannabis smell to it, similar to the smell of the fresh bud. Although the smell will quickly dissipate, it is smart to avoid vaping in a confined space near other people who may notice the scent.

Unlike vapes of the past, modern vape pens are incredibly sleek. Most cannabis vape pens are six inches long or shorter, so they fit easily in your pocket, purse, laptop bag, or backpack. That means that cannabis vapes can go with you no matter where the day takes you, perfect for breaks at work, when out with friends, or while on your next adventure. Vapes can also replace smoking cannabis when at home. Instead of rolling a joint or packing a bowl, you can take a couple puffs of your vape whenever desired.


Another of the things cannabis consumers love about vape pens is the delicious flavors available. From natural cannabis flavors to tasty commercially popular flavors, consumers have plenty of choices when picking their favorite vape.

Depending on the type of cannabis extract used in the manufacturing of your cannabis vape pen, it may or may not retain the individual terpenes from the original marijuana strain from which it was extracted. Among other potential roles in the cannabis experience, terpenes give strains their natural flavors.

Acknowledging the loss of these compounds during extraction and processing, many vape pen companies add terpenes to their oil to recreate the cannabis plant’s scent and flavor or to create a flavor profile of their own.

Other cannabis vape companies forgo natural cannabis flavors for popular fruit or dessert flavors by using flavor additives. To avoid unnecessary additives that may have negative effects on your health, consider choosing naturally flavored vapes.


Because they are made using cannabis extracts, cannabis vape products are more potent than natural cannabis flower. Most cannabis vapes are at least 60 percent THC. Top of the line products can reach 90 percent THC or more.

This high potency means that you can use your vape pen less and less often to achieve the same results when compared to smoking flower, which usually contains a THC percent in the teens or twenties. Many users appreciate a vape’s higher potency for quick use to get the effects they desire.

Health Concerns? How to Stay Safe with Cannabis Vapes

With the latest health crisis surrounding illicit cannabis vapes, many consumers have considered dropping vaping from their routine. Vaping is largely considered a healthier option than smoking. However, the truth is that we simply don’t know the whole truth about the long term effects of vaping on the lungs, or the rest of the body.

This also goes for the use of solvents and additives in the manufacturing of these products. The recent vape crisis was linked to the use of a popular cutting agent (vitamin E acetate) commonly used in illegal vapes that turned out to be toxic.

Until we understand the whole picture, vaping comes with some level of risk. This risk can be mitigated to a degree by making smart decisions when shopping for vapes. When buying cannabis vapes, only shop at licensed dispensaries. This will ensure that the products you buy have been certified to meet the state’s safety standards.

Also look for packaging that is clear about solvents used in the extraction process, as well as any ingredients that may be used in manufacturing. Like with any consumer product, labelling should be easy to understand.

3rd party testing is a requirement in most legal cannabis markets. This product testing ensures that products contain the cannabinoids they claim on the packaging and are free from any potential contaminants. QR codes or links that direct to 3rd party testing results online are another great way to check on the safety of a product. Look for products that offer a way to view their test results.

Vape Pens: Yes or No?

While it is true that prefilled cannabis oil vapes can potentially carry risks to users if improperly manufactured and create large amounts of waste in disposable empty cartridges that end up in our landfills, they can also be a fast, flavorful way to use cannabis, making them an attractive choice for cannabis consumers.

Vapes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it is on us to do better. Buying only from reputable brands carried in licensed dispensaries and taking part in a recycling program through your local dispensary can minimize the health risks and environmental damage that these products can cause.

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